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Welcoming and introduction

Dolna Day School welcomes you to its world of children - an environment that spells love, care and affection. Dolna creche provides safe custody for children of working parents, from the age of 3 months, right up to the age 18 years. Dolna Day School provides education all the way till the ISC examinations which are pre-university. We endeavour to facilitate the proper physical & mental growth of these children and provide for them- 'a home away from home'. Children get the opportunity of spending their free time beyond school hours fruitfully in the extra-curricular classes that are organized in the evening. They learn to share and care for others in their same age-group, some younger and some older as well.


The children should behave in a friendly manner in and out of school. Cruelty to animals or plants and discourtesy to fellow human beings should be avoided at all costs as it is un-gentlemanly & un-lady like. Children should always be “fair” at play.

Helpful Attitude

Children should develop a helpful attitude towards all those around them, teachers, fellow-students in the same class as well as younger brothers & sisters in the lower classes. This should also be reflected at home and at school gatherings.

Respect for the Truth

No matter what the cost they should learn to uphold the truth. They should have the courage to say “NO” to temptation especially when they know that it is wrong.

Respect For Elders

They should stand up and greet elders i.e. teachers, visitors when they enter the class or approach them. Respect to elders is apart of our rich heritage and culture and should form an integral part of our upbringing


Children are expected to use English ,only, for communication all through the day while school is in progress. After school hours, i.e. while at the crèche / day boarding, they may communicate in vernacular if they need to. However, children should not use language that is objectionable, as it is unbecoming.

Respect for property

Children should care for their classrooms keeping them neat and tidy and also look after school premises, reporting any damage immediately.

Respect for uniform

Children should take pride in wearing the school uniform, always ensuring that it is clean, well-ironed and correct as per the school notifications, not only inside the school but also on their way to and from school.

Our golden history

The first creche in Kolkata was started by Smt. Madhusree Dasgupta in the year 1972 in the name of Dolna ( the Bengali word for cradle). The objective was to provide a "home away from home" for the children of working parents. By 1972 the number of working mothers in our city of Kolkata was already growing and they needed custodial care for their children. Dolna Creche and Dolna Day School (affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations) have been operating in South Calcutta for the past 40 years now, primarily for the benefit of these working parents.

The institution has never been allowed to grow to an unmanageable size at the cost of the quality of service that is offered. Presently, there are a total number of around 700 children only and a large number of them from the age-group of 3 months to 18 years remain at the creche and day-boarding for the better part of the day while the parents are at work.


The Dolna Day School and Creche is run by the Dolna Day School Trust with the Founder/Settlor of the Trust, Smt. Madhusree Dasgupta at its helm as the Chairperson. The Day School is under the guidance of Smt. Madhura Bhattacharya who has been the Principal for a number of years now.


Dolna Day School is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. All students enrolled in the school are eligible to appear for the ICSE (after Class X) and ISC (after Class XII) examinations.

What Dolna Day School Has To Offer

A crèche/day-care centre for children of working parents. Some of these children come to us at the early age of 3 months as soon as the mother’s maternity leave is over. The institution offers a secure, hygienic environment geared to provide the maximum amount of safety and security to the child who is at this “home away from home” for the better part of the day.

Extra Curricular Activities

Creative dance, Rabindrasangeet, Arts & Crafts, Karate, Aerobics, Tabla

Courses Under Trinity College, London

Piano, Guitar, Violin, Keyboards

Acting in Pairs

Effective Communication

Effective Text Speaking

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