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Latest "Annual Examinations for Classes I to VIII + Classes X & XII"18th January, 2021

Please check the Academics tab for details regarding syllabus for various subjects and schedule for Annual Examinations. By the end of the week all details pertaining to the Annual Examinations should be available. Please organise a dependable internet connection so that even if you get logged out it will be possible to log in immediately. students who remain logged out for more than 5 to 6 minutes after the question paper is in their possession will be marked ABSENT. The second device will be required for scanning the answer sheets in the presence of the invigilator and for answering the multiple choice questions at the end of the written paper. So, technically the second device will be required only for around 30 minutes after the primary written paper.

Latest "Oral Examinations"15th January, 2021

Parents may please note that Classes I to V will have the ORAL Examinations starting Monday 18th. January in the evening after 6 pm in small batches/groups. The timings and the link for the google meet session will be notified through the homework tabs for the respective classes.

"Annual Examinations 2020-2021 session"11th January, 2021

We would like to inform Parents and students in advance that students in Classes VI to XII will need TWO devices in order to perform in the Annual Examinations. All Examinations will be conducted during daytime i.e. 9:30 am. to 4:30 pm. For Classes I to V all written exams will be held in the evening hours, after 6:30 pm, hence we presume that the TWO devices required for the conduct of the Examinations will be available to all students. Kindly ensure availability of the TWO devices and a dependable internet connection as children getting logged out will have to be marked ABSENT as they will no longer be visible to the invigilator.

"12th. and 26th. January"6th January, 2021

Both these days are holidays .......... so none of the school activities like ONLINE classes, assignments etc. will happen on any of these days.

"BOOK MARKET"6th January, 2021

If there are siblings enrolled at Dolna Day School and parents wish the younger child to use books that belonged to the older child, please deposit the books on 18th./19th. January between 10 am and 11:30 am at the office for us to check. Please submit an application as well, in duplicate, containing the list of books deposited. If the books are still part of our present list , if the editions have not incorporated any major changes and if the books are not marked/mutilated beyond functionality we will give a written approval and adjustments will be allowed in the booklist.


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