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Latest "Olympiad Examination Schedule"24th November, 2023

Please download the attached document to view the complete Olympiad Examination Schedule for both HummingBird & SilverZone Olympiads to be held at school itself.  

Latest "HummingBird Olympiads"22nd November, 2023

Hope all of you who had registered for the HummingBird Olympiads have received your Username and Password which would be a 8 digit figure starting with HB55.... . Please visit or and enter the figure as both your username and password . This will give you access to free video tutorials and a mock test prepared by HummingBird Olympiads alongside other info. Hopefully, this will help you perform better in these exams. Please collect your username & password from Mayukh da or Ananya di if you were absent on the day your friends received theirs.

"UNIT TESTS"21st November, 2023

For important information related to Unit Tests please read  

"Happy Diwali"10th November, 2023

Happy Diwali
(uploaded by IT Partner)

"Celebrate the win of good over evil"19th October, 2023

Happy Durga Puja


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