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Latest "Children at home"1st June, 2020

News is filtering in from various quarters that our children are lending a helping hand at home, trying to ease the burden that is already on the shoulders of Parents. We feel extremely happy to hear that these qualities,like coming forward to help are coming to the forefront now, perhaps some of the blessings and plus points of these extraordinary circumstances that we are going through. Acts which strengthen family ties are invaluable in our lives. Do please take pride in whatever the children are doing to help at home and share the news with others. Our sincere good wishes for a speedy recovery from the pandemic ......

Latest "ISC and ICSE papers - outstanding"1st June, 2020

All students who have appeared for the ISC or ICSE papers in March 2020 and are now aware of the Council’s proposed timetable for the balance of the papers i.e. the unfinished ones, need to send a one line email to declaring that they are aware of the rescheduled timetable and will be available to appear for these papers. Please don’t forget to put your name and CISCE reg no. at the bottom of the mail. It is vital that you share this communication with all in your batch.

"Rescheduled ISC and ICSE papers"25th May, 2020

Class XI students may please check the homework tab under English for exam routine. Please share with others in your batch so that everyone is aware.

"Assignment for Class XI"25th May, 2020

We will stop sending assignments to Class XI children from June 14th. as they will be revising for their balance/outstanding papers in July.

"Life post cyclone "AMPHAN""23rd May, 2020

We hope that all of you are safe and power has been restored in your areas. We are all aware that people were without electricity and water for hours following the devastation by the cyclone. What a difficult period in our lives we are passing through ! Fortunately the school building has not suffered any major damage other than a sign board being crushed under a fallen tree and the adjacent gate bent out of shape. Minor compared to what a lot of people are suffering. Please don’t feel anxious if you are unable to download assignments for your child because of internet connections or unable to submit work within the stipulated time. All our teachers will understand. In fact quite a few of them have been without power for over 48 hours. Let us find ways to support our children without feeling anxiety, pressure, stress or strain. With all good wishes.


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