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Memoirs of an individual’s childhood are always precious and so are mine!!!

I would always cherish them throughout my entire lifetime. I consider myself very fortunate to have spent one of the most important phases of my life – from infancy to adolescence at Dolna Day School.

Today I have grown older and have become an ex-Dolnaite. Now, when I sit alone and reminisce my journey down memory lane, my heart becomes heavy with a mixed feeling of sadness, joy and pride. Oh, what wonderful times had I spent with my teachers and friends!

I will always miss my teachers; some of whom are and will be my favourites, always. I miss their blissful smiles, their scoldings and their unique ways of making me understand things the way it is to be learnt. I am ever thankful to them for inculcating qualities of a good human being and a good student in me.

I would miss all my friends (some of whom have engraved their names in my heart) and would like to be in touch with them till my last breath. To be honest, I would miss most the way I quarrelled with them; not forgetting the happy times we cheered and jeered being carefree. They have always played a vital role standing by me in the ups and downs; the happiest and the sad times during my school days.

Last but not the least I would miss my juniors at school who would always support me and look up to me. I would also miss the other staff of the school as well, especially the Durwan ji who had greeted me always with a beautiful and pleasant smile the moment I stepped my feet inside school.

The lesson that I have learnt is to always enjoy whatever you are pursuing and keep working hard to achieve the peak of success. Never be afraid of appearing for examinations because it polishes your knowledge in that subject.

May everyone I miss be HAPPY always!!!

Trishit Mukhopadhyay
Headboy, Class XII (2018-2019)


I, Jayesh Nahar, believe that success is a journey, not a destination. It is a cumulation of regular practice, hard work, belief in yourself and self discipline. When these qualities are enhanced by the never ending love and support we receive at Dolna, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving our dreams. So, listen to your elders and be conscientious, love what you have to do – that in itself is the highest form of success.

Jayesh Nahar
Class X (2018-2019)
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