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About Play School

Play School, named Playgroup and Lower Nursery for students between 2 and 4 years of age, provides a happy and exciting foundation for learning through play. The programme is designed to encourage the development of students’ linguistic, social, emotional, cognitive and physical abilities.

The emphasis is on an environment that is safe, secure and child-friendly environment. The student-teacher ratio is such that the children get a lot of personal attention.

Upper Nursery & Preparatory

The period from age 4 to 6 are foundational years, as during this time the child is growing rapidly, both physically and mentally. The child is constantly assimilating new experiences and using these to form the person he or she will become in future years.

The child gets inputs in the classroom which is interactive and non-competitive. The environment aims to provide a foundation for the development of skills, knowledge and understanding required for successful participation in all kinds of activities. The programme provides a secure, stimulating and supportive environment for children where learning takes place and creative expression is encouraged. The programme is designed for the children to make meaningful choices and share responsibilities as they move through the learning process. Adults provide the necessary support mechanism – aiding the development.

At Dolna Day we have developed a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the 4 to 6 year olds. Core subjects like Mathematics, English Language, Science and Nature Study form a part of the curriculum along with singing, dancing, music and play. We don’t want “all work and no play” to make our children “dull”, so games are an important part of their curriculum and leadership qualities start developing at this stage. Imaginary activities and Role play enables children to be creative.

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