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The ISC course is a e-university course and students are being prepared at this tage to go out into the highly competitive world. Along with their preparations for the ISC Examinations a lot of them opt for additional preparation and guidance to equip them for the Common Admission Tests for Engineering, Medicine, Law, Administrative Services.

The ISC course that is required to be covered is in itself quite vast and careful planning of time has to be made inorder to be able to do justice to all the preparation that is necessary to achieve good marks in the finals.

Applicants Need To Select English And At Least 3 Subjects In Each Combination Offered.

The school uses many forms of assessment – observations, tests and examinations and portfolios of students’ work being among the most common. The school issues student report cards twice a year towards the end of each term. Following the delivery of student report cards, the school conducts parent / teacher evenings where our teachers explain to parents how their children are progressing.

The Council organises External assessment for the Project work done by candidates as well as for the work done in the various laboratories.

This rigorous assessment both internal and external helps the students to gear-up for the long working hours and intensive study that they need to put in, in order to be successful in securing admission into the professional courses of their choice.

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