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ISC Batch: 2020

Appreciation Letter to Ms. Nilanjana Majumdar about PYP Exhibition 2021


Dear Ma'am,


We are writing to you to share how completely awestruck we were by the PYP exhibition showcase yesterday! It was overwhelming to see what our young learners have achieved even though the collaboration and preparation was limited to a virtual platform.

Each child seemed to have achieved fluency in their topic of research which was evident in their confident and immaculate presentations, their detailed web pages and variety of tools and disciplines integrated into the topic. Learning from our children surely brings a new perspective to what we as adults sometimes take for granted and this exhibition showcase was a perfect example of how our children feel about something so futuristic as advancements in technology and its blend with something so grounded as impact on the environment! The actions already taken or suggested by the young minds were completely practical, out of the box and am pretty sure left everyone with some food for thought.


Heartiest congratulations to the organizers, teachers, and mentors whose heart and soul went into every step along the way from conceptualization to presentation.


Once again, thank you for making sure children get the guidance and opportunities to make a difference to the real world, right from this age!



Best Regards

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Batch: 2022-2024

Dear All

Hope you are all doing well and keeping safe. 


First of all I would like to sincerely thank you all for your hard work, support and constant struggle to better our child’s learning. 


In this past year there have been a lot of challenges each one of us had to face professionally and personally. But one thing that we as parents have tried our best to keep normal is our child’s life and routine. 


To do so we have had an immense support from the school and specially our teachers without whom our little one’s could have felt a little lost. No matter how many challenges you all faced to do so, not once it was expressed in front of the students. 


As a parent I can’t be more thankful. 


Once again I wish you all well and hope to meet you all personally in the next academic year. 



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